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i'm the girl who is here to help educate, empower and excite you to rediscover your love for life through good food, self-love and positivity!

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I love working with brands and creating content, recipe developing and taking bright, colorful and aesthetically pleasing pictures!  Over the years,  I have worked with SO many incredible brands and love promoting products that I genuinely love!  If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to me on here or message me on Instagram!

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breakfast is kinda my thing, puns are my jam, and helping you is my passion

I offer several different services when it comes to collaborations! The most popular is recipe development to create content and promote on my social media and well as yours! I also am able to promote and share products on my blog that align with my brand and that I can show how it fits into my lifestyle! Lastly, I am open to chatting about becoming a brand ambassador to share discount codes with my 50,000+ followers so they can try some amazing products! 

Let's do this!

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if you like an encouraging community, puns on top of puns, and some bomb-ass recipes you are going to fit right in!